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Circa58/59 provides sophisticated high-end Web Development, while maintaining a strong focus on client needs and expectations. Our working strategy results in the most complete professional experience in all areas of Web Development services we offer our clients.

Below are some of the robust services we offer:

    • Web Integration
    • Information Architecture
    • Site Functionality Design
    • Interface Design
    • Content Management
    • Internet Marketing
    • Website Implementation and Optimization
    • Web Hosting
    • Email Hosting
    • Website Management
    • Website Maintenance
    • Server Integration
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
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We understand completely, that even the smallest of web sites must respond to specific needs. Our professionals will merge strengths in concept, strategic planning, experienced skillsets, and the ever evolving technologies to provide our clients the best strategic marketing solution for the internet world.

As a result Circa58/59 delivers its clients a well-organized, visually appealing, eye-catching, and high performance web site - which best represents our client's final message to its audience in a precise, simple and clear way... and with confidence.

In order for us to provide our clients with the best Internet business solutions possible, we apply our tactical methodology of Web Development in the following several phases:

Project Definition:
We commence by establishing a close partnership with our clients. We learn about the organization and brand. We then clarify and define your short and long-term goals; specify clearly who and what is your competition; learn about your technical capabilities as well as the skills of the professionals in your organization who will be part of the project - and those who will be the turnover team for the future support of the project. Finally, we establish the project plan, budget and overall project scope.

Project Architecture:
Once the project definition is completed, we proceed to establish what the functionality, visual design and technical parameters will be. We create design brief documentation, start the construction of a working prototype, and the testing of the project concept.

In this phase of the project, we continue to refine the project architecture. We begin the interface design, and provide our clients with several visual design proposals. We then agree on the optimal solution that best represents the answer to our clients ultimate goals. We complete interaction, and information design. We then develop the site content, and optimize the technical aspects of the site.

In the conclusion of this phase, we test the working prototype, and proceed to make the necessary final adjustments and refinements.

Site Implementation:
We proceed to build the actual production web site, run test scenarios, and check for quality assurance of the final product. We educate the turnover team about managing and maintaining the site, or we can provide site management and site maintenance.

Once the site is up and running - fully functional (to our client's satisfaction) on the Internet, we follow up the project (for a defined period of time) by closely watching and analyzing its' performance against the parameters set on the Project's originally defined goals. Once completed, final documentation of the project will be completed, and turned over to the client.

Once launched, we can help our clients maximize potential, and get the site's optimal return on investment. We can design, and provide you with an Internet marketing plan and promotion strategies. We can even help our clients locate the right staff, or properly train existing staff employees to maintain and support the new site.

Please take a moment to look at our portfolio of works and let us help you achieve your optimal Internet business potential.

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