Circa58/59 has
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and design of Fire
Island Bordeaux's
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Recently, Circa58/59
successfully completed
the design for Cherry
Grove Community
Association logo.

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Circa58/59 defines Visual Communication as the realm where two-dimensional and tree-dimensional design converge. In two-dimensional design, we've included Corporate Image, Advertising, and Poster Design. Three-dimensional design includes Editorial design and Package design, its' visual presentation and engineering.

Communication is an essential part of doing business in our ever changing world. Design on the other hand, is the skill that makes communication a reality. In its' most basic definition; design is the capacity to solve problems.

In every creative piece of work, there is a subliminal concept that is pertinent, and important to the project. Every project has a creative process that takes place, which establishes a sense of order for the problem at hand to be solved.

Circa58/59 offers the most comprehensive visual solutions in the following areas:

    • Graphic Design and Branding
    • Corporate Image
    • Editorial Design
    • Package Design
    • Advertising (Print and Web)
    • Poster Design
    • Photography
    • Product design
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We understand that sources of inspiration are many, they come from everywhere, and in a variety of styles.

As we approach each project, we first establish what are the parameters, obstacles and what exactly the client wants to achieve. With that information in hand, we start the thinking process, and we define the concept in its most pure nature.

We then start researching, and look for sources of inspiration that will make the project a success. We gather everything we consider important for the project, which we then propose as several prototype sketches, and we make a selection that is the closest to the concept for our task.

We finish our design by making a final execution of the concept. We refine our proposed concept, and we present a design that is clear, has a great deal of definition, and it is simple enough to transfer the message the client wants to convey to their audience.

We know we have created a superior design because we create a strong visual impact that works... not just works well but, works best.

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