Circa58/59 has
successfully completed
the development
and design of Fire
Island Bordeaux's
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Recently, Circa58/59
successfully completed
the design for Cherry
Grove Community
Association logo.

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The driving force and main focus of Circa58/59 is design. We view design as the prime component in all our services. With design in mind, we create the right symbiosis between the problem to solve, and the final result in any of the fields of service we offer.

We are a one-stop services shop. We offer our clients the most complete and positive experience in the new era of our constantly evolving world.

Here are a few examples of our clients goals:

    • Align real estate and facilities strategies with business
    • Define projects that support their goals and enact these
    • Manage projects effectively.
    • Increase return on investment.
    • Improve productivity.
    • Add substantial value to our clients enterprise.
    • Enhance relationships with customers, employees and

In the business world, everything needs superior design - a new corporate logo, infrastructure and technology initiatives, product delivery, internet presence, right down to the basic workplace environment.

Circa58/59 makes a relationship with its clients, and continues to work at that relationship by learning as much as possible about the organization. We apply that knowledge to our clients project, always keeping the main focus in mind. We strive to recognize and exemplify positive results, which is what makes each of our clients unique.

We integrate our business expertise and our clients needs to provide the most effective solution for the tasks we have been asked to perform.

We follow a very simple idea, quality work combined with an extraordinary team effort produce a bright and successful solution for any goal in any given project we take part in. Each project is the place where challenges are met, and our team shows its talent and expertise - which provides the best possible solutions.

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